Zico was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Mar. 3, 1953. Known as a famous and excellent attacking midfielder of Brazil, he was widely regarded as a creative footballer for his distinguished competitiveness in outstanding technique, vision as well as pass. As the fifth highest goal-scorer of Brazil national football team, he played for Brazil squad in 71 matches, winning 48 goals in his whole international playing career. Having participated three World Cups in 1978, 1982 and 1986, he spared no efforts at these international competitions, simply ending with no titles and accolades of them.

At the very beginning, Zico was not physically strong. After hard work with special diet provided by his team, he turned to be a professional football player with strong body. All these contribute to his wonderful and great successes achievements in football, laying a solid foundation for later successes. For outstanding performances in football, he played for many football clubs successively, such as Flamengo, Udinese and Kashima Antlers.

Nilton Santos

Nilton Santos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 16, 1925. Known as the greatest defender of Brazil national football team of his generation, he has played for two football teams, including Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas and Brazil squad. Nilton Santos, a legendary football player, played for Botafogo in 718 matches. The extraordinary contributions for football by him is that defenders could engage in defending and attacking. In that time, duty of wingback is still restricted in defending rather than attacking, being the pioneering who opened another gate for football. In matches, he participated in shoot and even accomplished shot directly, changing the responsibility of wingbacks on football fields greatly.

He was taken as a critical football player at the World Cup in 1954, 1958 and 1962. He began cutting a striking figure in the sphere of football for an important goal in the 1958 tournament. In his whole international playing career, he capped for Brazil side for 75 times, winning 3 goals in Brazil football kit.


Sócrates was born in Belém, Pará, Brazil on Feb. 19, 1954. Played as a professional attacking midfielder, he was known for unique pass, broad vision at many competitions and dynamic energy. Not only was he good at football, but also he performed well in medicine and political. For his bachelor’s degree and performances in politics, he was nicknamed “Doctor Socrates”. Attributing to noticeable beards and headbands, Sócrates was taken as a symbol of cool for many football lovers.

Due to distinguished talents, fabulous performances and great achievements in football, he was widely regarded as one of the best footballer of Brazil national football team. During the 7-year-long services for Brazil squad, Sócrates won 22 goals for Brazil national football team at two World Cups. He turned to be a captain of Brazil squad at the FIFA World Cup. He, along with some famous footballers like Zico, Falcão and Éder, was widely regarded as one of excellent footballers of Brazil. In 1983 and 2004, he turned to be a member among South American Footballer of the Year and the FIFA 100.